Welcome! So, why did I pick yoga and Crossfit?

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Hi there! My name is Sara and I am happy to welcome you to my little home on the internet.


As a little celebration of my blog launch, I will be posting new content every day for the next week! If you like what you see, come on back tomorrow for some insight on not being so hard on yourself.


You may have gathered by looking around that I have a little passion for fitness and health, especially Crossfit and yoga. If you want to know a little more about me and my journey, click over here to see my about page.


So, onto the big question.


What in the world do Crossfit and yoga have to do with each other?


A lot more than you would think actually. For starters, people who lift weights and do Crossfit need “mobility.” This is the word you would hear in most Crossfit boxes (don’t know what a box is? Click here to go to my List of Lingo page to get the low down). Mobility and flexibility are essentially the same things, meaning it is a person’s ability to move and bend without breaking. Breaking is bad. Breaking meaning literally breaking bones or tearing ligaments or muscles and things like that.


If you want to pick up heavy things and put them back down, making sure you have flexibility is important.


Yoga has poses that require a bit more flexibility, and also poses that help you to build flexibility. The latter is one of the reasons I do yoga. In particular, I have pretty tight hamstrings, so I use yoga to stretch them and lengthen them. I went to a yoga class today and couldn’t touch my toes in a forward bend in the beginning. By the end I could reach them…barely. That’s just where I am at today. Sometimes I can put my palms on the ground, other times I don’t reach my toes in a practice.


So, I use yoga to help my hamstrings, which helps me to do lifts like deadlifts, cleans, and snatches better. My hamstrings are just an example. I work on a lot of other things too.


So how do I use Crossfit to benefit yoga?


You need a lot of strength and endurance for Crossfit. A good mixture of the two is ideal. Having those two things helps me in many ways in yoga. I can hold dynamic poses longer as well as hold my own in more dynamic classes. It also helps me to hold arm balances and handstands (I’m still working on balance. Graceful is nowhere near my middle name).


I also like that their mindsets and approaches are polar opposites. Crossfit is intense, competitive, and always pushing the limits. Yoga is mindful, playful, and relaxed. Both of them have an intense focus. I have found that bringing elements from one to the other can be extremely beneficial.


So, ultimately these two things are a little like yin and yang. They are opposite yet, they complete each other.


Another reason I like the two is because I feel like I am a little bit of both too. I am deeply competitive and driven to improve, as well as very mindful and relaxed (when I am not stressed to pieces with graduate school. Relaxation is a work in progress).


I feel like you have to find things that fit your personality as much as your fitness goals.


So, say you read this post and it piques your interest, so you sign up for some yoga or drop in to a Crossfit box. But holy cow you hate it! No biggie. Find something that fits YOU!


It’s your health. Your fitness. Your life. Find something that makes YOU happy!


I’m going to let that soak in and say see you tomorrow! I hope you enjoyed my very first post, and I hope you come back tomorrow for some more!


xx Sara

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Yoga. Crossfit. Sarcasm. Inspiration. I'm a girl in my 20s sharing a little about what I do to stay healthy and happy!


  • Congratulations on launching your beautiful site Sara, you should be mega proud of yourself.

    I love how you described that yoga and crossfit being yin and yang and I loved this: “they are opposite yet, they complete each other” how true!

    I have no doubt that you are going to inspire people to start incorperating both yoga and crossfit together, which is SO exciting!


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