Below is a list of products and things I love and recommend. I have provided links to these things, none of which are affiliate links. This means I make no money from you clicking on them. This is just a girl shamelessly promoting some products and things I have found helpful.

Flavor God Seasonings– Seriously go to this website and buy all the seasonings! They are amazballs! These seasonings are hand made, low salt, gluten free, no GMOs, filler free, and chemical free. Chris has done an amazing job creating a quality and tasty product. He also has some unique flavors such as Ranch, Pizza, Chocolate Donut, Cajun, and Honey BBQ to name a few (all of those are limited edition so watch out for when they are back in stock!) as well as the originals Everything, Lemon &Garlic, Everything Spicy, and Garlic Lover’s. Seriously give him a shot. You wont regret it!

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Ana’s Leggings– Ok! I’m seriously in love. You all know the struggle of finding quality yoga leggings without busting the bank account. Well search no more! Ana has amazing patterns (like, seriously gorgeous, I’m wearing the California leggings in the pictures around the blog) and they are not see through. Let me say that again. THESE LEGGINGS ARE NOT SEE THROUGH!!! They are nice, warm and the softest leggings I have ever touched let alone put on. Ana also adds a little note to one pair of the leggings in your order, which is a super cute personal touch that I love. She also has a Mommy and Me line, as well as legging and top sets. I fully intend to buy as many leggings as my bank account allows!

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Unbroken Designs– Picking out gear for Crossfit can be a little blah sometimes. There are a few brands and they usually only have a few generic color choices. Unbroken Designs have quality gear that looks great! I bought a set of their knee sleeves and am totally in love. They do not slip, they fit great, and I love the different pattern choices they have! Not to mention that a lot of top athletes trust in their brand. For women, they have knee sleeves, cardio belts, weightlifting belts, weight vests, compression sleeves, and some pretty cute jewelry! They also have gear for men. They use quality material and their prices are great. I want to note that their knee sleeves come in pairs. A lot of places sell them in singles. I also want to mention that their customer service is fantastic. I emailed them a question and got a very speedy response! If you want some good looking gear, I would recommend them!

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WOD Repair Lotion– So there are a lot of different hand care products out there, but the one I tried first, and am sticking to, is this one! I purchased their Essentials Kit and love the heck out of it! Calluses are a part of any sort of weight training, especially Crossfit, so keeping your hands healthy is a must. I took a two-month break from Crossfit, more on that here, and coming back WRECKED my hands. I never invested in hand care until then. I purchased the Essentials Kit, it came super fast, and my hands started healing even faster! I used the RAPID stick mostly on my achy hands after WODs, before bed, and after waking up. Let me tell you, what a difference! My hands healed twice as fast and I was back to doing pull-ups and bar work in no time (well, without taping my hands because, let’s be real, I never stop). Now I use it at least once daily and especially after WODs. This is an all-natural and quality product I recommend for anyone who spends time with a barbell!

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