The Journal #1

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I’m not going to lie. I feel like sh*t. My body hurts and I haven’t even been working out. I get awful tension headaches that get so bad sometimes, that they put me out for a whole day, sometimes more. I know the cause of them too. My stress over the past year has been extremely somatic. This means my stress manifests its ugly head physically. My muscles are extremely knotted and tight. So much so, that I couldn’t do any overhead bar work right now, even if I wanted to.


I did do a little 45-minute yoga practice the other day, and it felt great. I could feel all the tension in my muscles. With each pose and stretch, I could feel the tightness, and then the muscles letting go of their death grip on the rest of me. There were muscles that were pulling in protest in my lower back and shoulders. My hamstrings were so not having it, but I showed them whose boss! I couldn’t even touch my toes. That’s new for me. I’ve at least always been able to do that.


As far as my eating goes, I’m a little all over the place. Sometimes I eat breakfast; sometimes I only have coffee in the morning. I have been waking up at different times in the morning. I have no set schedule.


I’m still working on the lunch and breakfast things. I have Greek yogurt and fruit that are great for the morning, and enough leafy greens in my fridge to make salads for weeks. The thing is I get board easily with food. Some things I could eat over and over again, but I like variety as well. I’m going to brainstorm on the Pinterest page.


So, looking back at all of this, I’ve decided my first step is going to be to make a schedule for myself. I’m going to wake up and go to bed at the same times every day. Planning my days out is also something I am going to start doing. I’m in between job at the moment, which is very boring at home, so a schedule will help me to a) feel normal, and b) get ish done! This would be a necessary step, even if I was working.


I’m a pen and paper kind of gal, so I have my little schedule written down in an agenda. I have my blog tasks written out and daily chores, as well as work out time scheduled in. Having a little to do list to check off is motivating for me. I’m a list person. I’m also a forgetful person, so that’s another reason lists are great for me. You know the person that goes to the store for one thing, and leaves the store with a bunch of stuff, minus what they went into the store for? That is also me.


As mentioned in my last post (you can look back at it here), I’m going back to my first love. Yoga. I’m a little tight for money right now, so as much as I really want to find a new studio (also moved recently, not sure if that’s been in any of my posts), I’m not really in a spot to be paying for classes. There are a lot of yoga studios that have “yoga by donation” classes where you can give what you can for a class, but I haven’t found any of those near me. It’s just going to be me, my mat, and YouTube yoga for a while.


So that is my plan for this week. Baby steps. First make the schedule, and then follow the schedule. Oh, and eat breakfast!


See you next week for more in the journal!

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