Below are some common terms. There are quite a few more Crossfit terms than yoga terms but the amount of acronyms for that sport is redonk. If you feel like I missed any important terms, feel free to let me know by giving my contact me tab a click and I can add it!


Yoga Lingo


Asana- This literally means yoga pose.

Bandha- You will hear this in a few different ways (i.e. mulabandha, uddiyanabanda, etc.) It means to lock or bind. It is a muscular hold meant to move energy in the body.

Chakra- The 7 energy centers of the body (i.e. root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown).

Karma- We always talk about Karma being a bitch. It means what goes around comes around.

Mantra- A sound, word, or short phrase used in meditation as a focus. “Om” is the most well known mantra.

Mindfulness- Being in the here and now. This is a huge and complicated concept. There will be a blog post on it soon. Stay tuned for that!

Mudra- A symbolic gesture with the body, but commonly with the hands. Touching your thumb and forefinger together with your palm facing up is an example as well as putting your palms together in front of your chest and bowing.

Namaste- The light in me honors the light in you.

Savasana- Also known as corpse pose. This is usually the last pose of a yoga class, so any times you hear your instructor say something like “and now it’s time to move into savasana.” You can now let your jello muscles flop onto the floor for a little mindful rest.

Vinyasa- This is a type of yoga as well as a concept. It means to link your breathing with your movements. The style of yoga is very much focused on connecting your breathing with your movements.



Crossfit Lingo


AMRAP- As Many Reps As Possible

Benchmarks- Hardcore workouts named after women you will develop a love hate relationship with (i.e. Grace, Jackie, Angie, Fran, and Karen just to name a few)

Box- A Crossfit gym

Chipper- I call these the laundry lists. There are usually over 5 movements, for time, and a lot of reps.

C2B- Chest 2 Bar. Meaning your chest has to touch the bar when you do a pull up.

DLHP- Dead Lift High Pull; a movement from the ground to the chin. Can be performed with a bar or kettlebell.

DNF- Did Not Finish

DU- Double Unders. Also called Dubs. When jump roping, the rope passes under your feet twice before they hit the ground.

EMOM- Every Minute On the Minute; can also be E2MOM which is Every 2 Minutes On the Minute/Every Other Minute on the Minute / alternating even/odd

Heros- Hardcore workouts named after fallen soldiers and first responders, the most famous being Murph. If there is one weekend to NOT decide to start Crossfit, it’s Memorial Day weekend. Murph happens at every Box in the US on that weekend.

HRPU- Hand Raise (or Release depending on who you talk to) Push Up. These are push-ups where you lift your hands off the floor after your chest touches the ground.

HSPU- Hand Stand Push-Up.

Metcon- Short for Metabolic Conditioning. This is just a fancy word for high intensity work out.

MU- Muscle Up.

OHS- Over Head Squat.

PR- Personal Record

RM – Rep Max i.e. 1rm, 3rm, 5rm, etc.

Rx- As prescribed

Tabata- These are a little complicated. The quick and dirty is that you are doing one movement for 20 seconds, and then you get 10 seconds of rest. You might do that 20 seconds on 10 seconds off for 4 rounds. You then use your lowest rep count as your score for that movement. This can vary from box to box or work out to work out. Usually a coach will explain before throwing you in there.

WOD-Work Out of the Day


And that’s all she wrote! Again, let me know if any of these are confusing or if I missed out on a term you are dying to know about.

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