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Get Inspired!

Finding something that really motivates and inspires you can be harder than it looks. I know I struggle with this on a daily basis. For me, being a full time graduate student is exhausting, so the last thing I am after a study binge or a few days working in my unit, is inspired. Frankly, I just want to go to sleep or be a vegetable on the couch after a long day.


But life is so much more than that.


A lot of times we get caught up in our responsibilities and jobs and school and the list goes on. We forget to truly live. Yes, these things are unavoidable parts of life and yes, they are important. The avoidable part is making them all of your life.


Part of living is growing. Part of growing is finding inspiration in yourself.


Part of how I inspire myself is to constantly challenge myself in my fitness. I remember when I first started Crossfit last year, and I wasn’t feeling very confident or happy with myself at all. I had a coach, Joanna, who pushed me to try new things and pick up heavier weights. She used to always give me this sideways smile and say, “you can do it, I know it”. That smile always told me my ass was going to get a thorough kicking that WOD (don’t know what a WOD is? Click here for my List of Lingo).


And guess what?


Everything she challenged me to do. I met that challenge and found out I could do things I never knew before. It was an eye opening and inspiring experience working with her in the beginning. Joanna showed me that I had potential to better myself, and I can’t thank her enough for it.


I work with a different coach now, and he is always pushing me to improve and test my limits as well. Working with my Crossfit coaches has really sent me spiraling down this path of betterment and growth and challenge.


So, this is what I have to say to you. Get out of your comfort zone. Do something you wouldn’t have done before. You might surprise yourself like I did. You will hit roadblocks and get stuck and feel down, but the benefit is so worth it.


So get out there! And find your potential. I know you have it!


Check back in tomorrow for so tips on what to bring to your first Crossfit class.

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