I know it’s been over a week. I had to go home to Indiana for a bit. Partly because of that hurricane that hit Florida (my area wasn’t hit, but it was supposed to be), and partly because of some family stuff. I ended up staying there for just over two weeks, and I feel like I really hit the reset button.


I was hitting over 10,000 on my FitBit almost every day while I was there. There were maybe 3 days I didn’t hit 10,000 the entire 2 weeks I was there. My mom and I would take the dog on a 1.5-mile walk every day (sometimes more than once), and just do general running around town all day.


I also went to the gym with my mom while I was there. Let me tell you. This woman is kicking my ass! She is killing it in the gym and has lost over 50 pounds. Did I mention she is in her 50s?


My mother has this new appreciation for her heath and fitness that has truly inspired me. You can do this at any point in life! Being around her and working out with her has really put into perspective for me what a girl in her mid-20s can do.


Since coming home, I feel that I am making more conscious decisions and I have started up on some yoga again. Well, that was after my boyfriend and I hit up Epcot’s food and wine festival before our annual passes expired. It was a much needed treat for us.


I am actually going to be going to a yoga studio nearby. Groupon is a great resource if you are low on cash (or not) to find new places to go to. I found a hot yoga studio nearby and I am going to attempt to go daily. I got a month unlimited on the Groupon, so there is really no excuse for me to not be going.


Still not doing well on eating breakfast. Oops! I’m going to work on that this week. I actually was eating breakfast when I was home in Indiana, but now that I’m back in Florida, I’m back to just coffee. I need oatmeal or something.


More yoga and breakfast are my goals for the week!


See you next week!