I believe health and fitness is a journey, not a destination.



Hi, I’m Sara, a girl in her twenties who’s on a journey to a healthy and fit lifestyle.

But let me be clear: I am not an expert in health and fitness, they are not my job they are my passion. I want to inspire people to make healthier lifestyle choices. I believe that it can be really discouraging to see the people who have already attained “their ideal”. Like you, I have little experience under my belt, and I am looking to get there too. I’m here to inspire you to make healthier lifestyle choices.


Downdog and Deadlifts…


  • Is about the journey, not the destination.
  • Is for people (like you) who are living a busy life, but want to make healthier choices.
  • Is for people who want to feel good about their fitness.
  • Is about lifting people up, not pulling them down.
  • Is for people who want to feel good about themselves period!



What you can expect from me…


  • THE HONEST TRUTH. No one is paying me to say their product is the best, and I refuse to do so. I will only endorse things I truly believe in, and I will be completely honest about what I am working on or doing to get healthy.
  • No underwear selfies! I am also not one of those girls who will post underwear selfies in the mirror, so no booty all over this blog! Good for those women who want to post those pictures, but I don’t find those inspiring. If anything, those pictures make others look at themselves more critically, and that is the opposite of my goal with this blog.



So what do I do to stay fit and healthy?


Funny you should ask!


I am both a Crossfit and yoga enthusiast (sounds like an oxymoron right?).


I believe in eating clean, but like every other human I make mistakes with my diet, and have more than a few YOLO moments. I believe in healthy eating, but I’m human and that means I don’t eat perfectly all the time. I have a serious love for BBQ and have been known to eat it weekly or biweekly.


So, why the name Downdog and Deadlifts?


I have an avid passion for both yoga and Crossfit. They seem like total opposites, but I find they really go hand in hand.


You need mobility for Crossfit, and you need strength for yoga. Also, both of the mindsets can be useful when practicing the other. It’s good to have a competitive (with yourself), “how can I do this better” attitude in yoga. It’s also great to bring a mindful and relaxed mindset to Crossfit. These are the things I find that I bring back and forth the most, and what I really love about the two together.


What made me want to start this journey?


I didn’t pay too much attention to my health in my undergraduate career. I had not outlet for all of my stress as a student and twenty-something, I ate nothing but junk, and quite frankly I was depressed.


I started this journey after a major move to a city I barely knew. I made a friend at a new job and she motivated me to get my ass off the couch and try new active things! We started with boot camp classes at a local exercise studio a few times a week, and found a groupon for some Crossfit classes.


From there we were hooked! I have been doing Crossfit for just over a year since then and it has been a wild ride!




So where does the yoga come in?


I started yoga in college as a freshman. I took a class twice a week and was absolutely in love. I took two other yoga classes for college credit after that and have been in and out of studios ever since. I have an on again off again relationship with yoga, but the more I get into crossfit, the more I try to get into my practice. I feel there is a deep connection between the two. They truly balance each other out.


A few random things about me:


  • I am a full time student with a job. I study Mental Health Counseling and work as an intern in an inpatient psychiatric unit.
  • I LOVE Harry Potter, like really. I go to Orlando, Florida way more than I am going to admit just to get my butterbeer fix.
  • I am a total bookworm. I love to read. It may be my favorite hobby that I have not been able to indulge in since I started graduate school. Yes, I do a lot of reading for school but that is not the type of reading I enjoy. Got a great recommendation? Send it my way!
  • I have two kitties. Their names are Luna (Lu for short) and Princess Jasmine (Jazzy or Jasmine for short).
  • I call South Florida my home, but I grew up in the Midwest.
  • Wine, craft beer, chocolate, and cheeseburgers are probably my favorite foods.
  • Oh and in case you were wondering… I am not affiliated with the Crossfit brand in any way. I am just an enthusiast!


So. Let’s get started! Our journey is calling.





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