5 things to bring to your first yoga class

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To go off of yesterday’s post, I have some recommendations for your first yoga class! This is another type of class where people might be intimidated by equipment. Here are the basics.


  1. Water.

Are you picking up on the theme here? If not click here to check out my post on what to bring to your first Crossfit class. Water is so important. For life in general, as well as your workouts whatever they may be. As far as yoga is concerned, bring water to every class, and for the love of God don’t forget it for a hot yoga class! I also don’t recommend you do hot yoga as your first yoga experience ever. It is literally hot in that room and you will sweat buckets and get light headed if you don’t hydrate yourself.


  1. A yoga mat.

I highly recommend getting your own mat from the get go. Yes, most, if not all yoga studios have mats to rent, but getting equipment of your own really solidifies your commitment to it. What I have done, is buy a cheap mat that has a little padding ¼” thick mat, or thicker if you have knee problems and need more padding. I bought my first two mats from TJ Maxx, no joke, they were like $12. From there, you can better understand your needs in a mat and get something on the pricier side. You don’t need a $50 mat to start, but something of your own is great to have. I am still using a $12 mat, because my cats think they are scratching posts at the moment, soooo I’m sticking to the cheaper mat until I can get them to stop.


  1. A towel.

Girl, you are going to sweat, so you need to have something to wick away what’s making you uncomfortable as well as wipe off your mat. Some people really have an issue with being sweaty. I do not. I also do not mean a full size bath towel; I mean a small hand towel or sport towel. You can also get a “yoga mat towel” which is just a towel you put on your yoga mat. It soaks up sweat and also prevents slipping of the hands and feet. I keep meaning to try out the yoga mat towel, but haven’t gotten around to buying one, I’ll let you know when I do.


  1. A yoga strap.

These are also relatively inexpensive. My yoga strap came in a set with two blocks. They are also great to wrap around your yoga mat. But the real reason you want one is to help you with any movement you have problems with. I mentioned my short hamstrings in my first post (click here to read that), so having a yoga strap really helps me with those. I use it in sitting forward bend. I will wrap it around my foot and bend from the hips with my back straight to really feel those hammies stretch. You can also use them for poses that require shoulder, back, and quad flexibility. If you are trying to make your way to the splits, using a yoga strap can help you along the way (fun fact: I still can’t do the splits). Overall, a handy piece of equipment.


  1. An open mind.

Also on the list from yesterday but a good one for both lists, and it doesn’t cost anything! Keep that mind open, it can be oh so strange to try new things, but it is oh so worth it. There will be breathing techniques taught, and many Om’s to go around. Some people are put off by some of that stuff, but I say embrace it. It may feel or sound silly especially the first time (anyone doing lion breath for the first time), but it all has a purpose. Just savor the moment and go with the flow.


So, those are my suggestions. Now you are ready to head to your first yoga class. No excuses! Get out there are get your Zen on! Stay tuned tomorrow, cause we are talking about the booty! Yes you read me correct, booties. See you tomorrow!

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