5 things to bring to your first Crossfit class

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The first question that pops into a lot of people’s heads when they try out a new gym is what do I bring to work out at this place? If you are headed into a Crossfit box, here are my top 5 suggestions.


  1. WATER!

Hydrate like there is no tomorrow! This is something you should be doing anyways because water is LIFE! There are so many benefits to staying hydrated on a daily basis, but you especially need it when you are working out. Drink lots of water after you work out because you will sweat…a lot.


  1. An open mind and a good attitude.

You are going to get thrown in there, so girl you better keep an open mind and go with that flow. You are going to do some things you have never done before, and you are going to be getting a lot of instruction. Take a deep breath and go with it. Let the coaches do their thing and help you. They know what they are doing and can help you with movements you are struggling with, or help adjust you so you to make your movement more efficient. Keeping a good attitude is key too, you may get frustrated and a little confused, but just go with the flow and try your best.


  1. A good pair of shoes.

Notice I didn’t say a NEW pair of shoes. I actually strongly advise against wearing a new pair of shoes to a first workout or for the first few weeks at that. Wear a pair of old running shoes, or something you have already broken in. Your first time doing Crossfit is not the time to break in new shoes. After you get a little more comfortable and start to know what you need in a shoe while you are doing Crossfit, then go get a new pair.


  1. Something to eat post workout.

What to bring is up to you. Some people say bananas because of the potassium and sugar content. Some will say a protein shake. Personally, I have a protein shake. Sometimes I will have a protein bar or some fruit and nuts, depending on what I have on hand. Sometimes I wait until I get home and put a banana in my protein shake. Ideally, you should have something right after you work out, then a full meal when you get home. You need to feed your body after all the work it just did. I have a bad habit of skipping the full meal because, quite frankly, I’m never hungry after a WOD.


  1. A workout journal.

You want to be tracking your progress as you go. Some boxes, like mine, have an app they use to help you keep track of your progress, others have the traditional white board. You can use a paper and pencil log to keep track of PRs, number of reps, AMRAP performance, and Metcon times (do all those words sound like gibberish? Click here for my list of lingo). My box uses Wodify, which is what I use to track my progress. Other apps to track your Crossfit progress are WOD list, Pocket WOD, myWOD (this one is not free), and Beyond the Whiteboard. I have not personally used any of those apps, but they are an option if you aren’t a fan of the paper and pencil method. Do you use any of those apps? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!


So those are my top 5 suggestions! There are other things you can get after you get your feet wet, but I will talk about those another time.


I hope you find this helpful when you decide to dive into Crossfit for the first time.


Stay tuned tomorrow for info on what to bring to your first yoga class!

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